Our Annual Awards Ceremony was held on 17th May 2018.  Approximately 160 students from 1st to 6th year were presented with awards in a range of categories which included academic excellence, commitment to studies, school spirit, arts and sports.  In addition, there were awards for attendance and a number of group awards for students who participated in various projects and activities throughout the year.
  • The merit cup was presented jointly to Mairéad O’Hanlon and Nicola Neamt.
  • Aoife McEvoy, who achieved the Best Leaving Certificate in 2017, came back to accept an award.  Aoife, Margaréta Merényi and Bronte Smith were awarded Entrance Scholarships from TCD and UCD in 2017.   All were invited back to our Prizegiving Ceremony and their achievements were acknowledged.
  • The ‘Best Junior Certificate 2017’ was awarded jointly to Niamh and Rebecca.  Deimante was presented with a certificate to acknowledge her outstanding achievement in the Junior Certificate.
  • The recipients of the Arts Award this year were Ava Durran, Rachel Nolan and Manon Réau.