Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle is a Three Year programme leading to the Junior Certificate Examination at the end of third year.
The Junior Certificate Programme is changing and a new Junior Cycle programme is underway for all students entering second level schools since September 2014.

Further information is available if you visit National Council for Curriculum and Assessment’s website.


* These subjects are not currently examined.
Students must take one modern European Language for the Junior Certificate. It is important to remember that the language students choose at Junior Cycle is the language they will continue to study for their Leaving Certificate.
Subject options may vary from year to year in accordance with student demand and the availability of resource.
From Second Year onwards classes are timetabled in English, Irish and Mathematics to facilitate students studying at different levels.  We recommend that students attempt the highest realistic levels in all subjects.
Students sit regular tests in all subjects.  Formal examinations are held at Christmas and Summer and third year students sit Mock Examinations in February.  Reports are sent to Parents/Guardians.

Transition Year

After completing the Junior Certificate cycle students proceed to other (1)4th Year (Transition Year) which is compulsory in St. Paul’s
Transition year is one-year programme which prepares students to approach Senior Cycle with a greater degree of confidence and maturity. The programme is comprehensive, motivating and encourages students to become independent thinkers and learners.

A two-week work experience placement is an integral part of the programme. In addition to core subjects such as English, Irish, Maths, a modern language etc students enjoy courses in Business, Science, IT, PE and Career Guidance and can choose from a wide range of modular courses such as Performing Arts, Multi Media, Legal Studies, Classical studies, Art, Fashion Design, Music to name but a few.
The school puts considerable time and effort into delivering a vibrant and creative programme, which will vary from year to year. The wide range of experience which students gain in Transition Year helps them to make informed decisions about subject choices at Senior Cycle.

Leaving Certificate

The Junior Certificate Programme is changing and a new Junior Cycle programme is underway for all students entering second level schools since September 2014.  For further information you might like to visit


Classes are set in groupings of higher, ordinary or mixed ability levels.  We strongly advise students to give much thought to their interests, aptitude and ability, to take advice from their teachers and to concentrate on the level required for their future career.

In addition to the established Leaving Certificate Programme, St. Paul’s offers the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.  Young people taking the LCVP have a unique opportunity to develop their interpersonal, vocational and technological skills.

LCVP students are awarded points for their Leaving Certificate according to the Link modules studied and this gives them an opportunity to enhance their Leaving Certificate results.  For further information see

Leaving Certificate Applied

lcaThe Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) is offered in St. Paul’s if there is sufficient demand and if resources permit.

This is a distinct self-contained two year Leaving Certificate programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life.  It was introduced to recognise the talents of the students and provide opportunities for development in terms of responsibility, self-esteem and self-knowledge.

During the Senior Cycle each student’s progress is closely monitored and there are regular assessments, including where appropriate, oral, aural and practical elements.  Reports are issued to parents following Christmas and summer examinations.   Mock Examinations are held in February of 6th Year and reports follow.