Student Leadership

We endeavour to include our students in the day to day life of our school and practical pupil participation is at the core.

Head Girl/Deputy Head Girl

These are the most significant student positions in the school and the choice of candidates reflects the high regard that they are held in by members of the school community. It is a 50/50 vote between the staff and the students of the year group.

The Head Girl and the Deputy represent not just the students but also the whole school community and must be capable of fulfilling a variety of roles and responsibilities from the everyday routine to meeting visiting dignitaries and public speaking at school events.


Each year a select a group of our 6th year students are, after a rigorous selection process, chosen as the leaders of our student body. They are identified as persons with leadership qualities. Training is provided for further development.

The Student Council

St. Paul’s has a tradition of an active and energetic Student Council team. The Student Council endeavours to improve the daily lives of students, in the spirit of partnership with school management.

Each year group is represented on the Student Council and have the opportunity to highlight issues of interest and concern through the year representative.

Class Captain and Vice-Captain

Each class also chooses a Class Captain and Vice-Captain whose function is to carry out specific class tasks.

Green School

The aim of our Green Schools Committee is to raise awareness of recycling and to make our school a greener and cleaner place.